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The Double Text

I would like to take this time to talk about something that most people need to know, especially guys. When you meet a girl for the first time at a bar, wedding, church, or even a funeral, God help you. Start talking to her the whole afternoon, things are going great, you get her number, ask her out on date but don’t set a date. She just says text me. Those two little innocent words can either make it or break it. Its pretty much a test for men to see how they make their next move, will it be worth it or will it scare them to their very core.

There are things that guy’s do when it comes to texting a girl that makes them want to either change their number, get a new phone because that one’s cursed, or leave the country. You don’t want a girl to think about these things, that’s why I have come up with a solution. Have you ever text a girl a simple “How’s your day”? But didn’t get a response back within the next five minutes, so you text her back again wondering if she got your text. Then another five minutes goes by and still nothing, so you text her back again. If you have ever done this or something like this, well she has moved on to bigger and better things…sorry, it was your fault. I called it the “Double-Text” it’s a big “no no” if you’re trying to impress the girl you’re texting.

If a girl text you back with a reply to your text messages then it’s not looking good. Because if a girl is into you she will text you randomly. If she just replies to yours, she has nothing to say to you other than what you ask her. Never double text a girl when you’re trying to be more than friends. If she’s a friend and only a friend and nothing more will come of it in the future, then text the crap out of her, because if she is only your friend then most likely she is texting you just because your friends.

Lesson here is: DON’T DOUBLE TEXT!!! It’s not cool, it’s annoying. Take some pride in yourself and except the fact that he or she just might not be into you.

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