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Past Relationships Part 4

Two Halloweens ago I decided to go hang out with some of my friends but bring an old girl friend I’ve known for years. The last time I had seen her was when we both were living in Texas. We had gotten back in touch via Facebook. Ah, the wonders of Facebook, it’s a blessing and a curse. I now find it useless to have one, simply because I have a hard enough time keeping up with myself let alone people that I don’t really know anymore from high school. Facebook has formed into society’s cliché, thank you Mark Zuckaburg for creating a great waste of time. But this girl wasn’t from high school; she was a family friend that fell out of touch in the mix of living our lives.


I asked her to go to a party with my friends and I. We were running quite a bit early so we stopped at my friend’s apartment. Soon as we walked in the apartment, my friend’s body language changed like flipping on a light switch. She didn’t want to be there even though we weren’t doing anything bad at all. She felt totally out of place and I felt like I need to make sure she was okay like I always do because I’m a pleaser. (I hate that about me) I didn’t want her to just be there and exist, it just leaves everyone else that’s trying to have a good time in a big funk and that’s not cool.


We leave for the party and before we drive off I ask her if she even wanted to go to the party. She didn’t, she wanted to see a movie. I was like its Halloween!! Let’s go to a hunted house or something. No, she wanted to see a chick flick not a horror, I even asked her if she knew what Halloween was about. So me being the guy I am changed my mind and went to the movies instead. The night turned out to be a drag because she wanted to do what she wanted to do. The movie wasn’t a total sham it had some funny parts.


The next day my friends told me they had a wicked time at the party. Crazy things went down that I missed out on. I would have been able to enjoy it if I hadn’t of brought a girl along. From that moment on I promised myself I would never let any girl take a great night with my boys away from me, unless she’s my wife.


Lesson here is: Bro’s before Ho’s.


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