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I moved from Texas to Tennessee going on five years now. And the more I live here the more it beings to become home. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just an adjustment that you have to get use to. But I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t had been a slacker in school. I didn’t really care about school; I thought there were so much more important things out there for me. Ever since I was six years old I started playing the drums. I knew in the back of my head that that’s what I was supposed to be doing. When you start to think about things in life and how God has blessed you, you start to realize that the blessing was there all along. You just have to find the right path to get that blessing, because God knows the path you’re supposed to go down, it’s your choice rather you choose that path or not. Makes me wonder if I chose the drums or did the drums choose me?

Now seventeen years later, I play drums professionally for my band Alvarado Road Show. We’ve done a lot of great things since we’ve moved to Tennessee. Met a lot of cool, crazy, weird people, but it has been the best thing that has ever happen to me. God has blessed me in a way that has changed my life forever. I couldn’t have done it without Him.

Lesson here is: Let God take control.

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The Breaking Parts of the L Word

L-O-V-E. It’s a tricky thing. I find myself not understanding it at times. Some may say they have it all figured out and if they do, they’re liars. It’s not something that’s easy said or done, even though it is a common word used in the human vocabulary. But here’s my theory on the four-letter word.

Let’s break it down into four parts. First part: L=LEARNING, getting to know someone, finding out everything you can about that person. Their likes, dislikes, where they’ve been, dreams, goals, ambitious, secrets. Learn about what makes him or her crazy, what drives them emotionally, spiritually, physically. I believe it is important to know everything there is to know about someone and actually wanting to know. I don’t mean pretend to listen so you can sleep with them or hopefully get some boob action. (For the guys) I’m talking about wanting to learn, wanting to know and truly be interested in him or hers conversations. As for the ladies, guy’s try way to hard sometimes we know, but don’t analyze everything just because you have “the power” not every guy thinks about sex twenty four-seven. So don’t be afraid to let down your guard at times because he just might surprise you. If he’s staring at your chest every five-seconds, he’s up to no good. All he’s hearing is static coming out of your mouth. If she’s playing with her phone or looking across the room, she’s either waiting for a fake emergency call or thinking of a clever way to get the hell out of there. If these symptoms happen in the first five-minute of the conversation, it’s definitely not one-fourths of L-O-V-E.

Now, that brings us to part two:  O=Obsession, not in the crazy sense. When you are two-fourths of the way to L-O-V-E you have to have some kind of obsession. As in “I need your comfort” not the “I have to have you”, there’s a difference. You can be so obsessed with someone that it’s creepy. There has to be more of a control about it and tastefulness to it. This is a very fine line with this part because you can either make it or break it in this area. If you go back to the first part about “Learning” you can get so overwhelmed with that to the point it drives you crazy and you have to have that person in your life constantly. That’s where a lot of people go wrong; it makes you look desperate and a loose canyon. Obsession is not a bad thing; it’s a complement if it’s used correctly and not forceful.

Next Part: V=VISUALIZE meaning being attractive to that person in any shape or form. Everyone will change his or her looks in time, either in a good way or a bad way. But when you love someone it has to be more than a physical attraction, it has to come deep within. When you love someone you have to take the good with the bad. That’s called, “Being Committed”. Because waking up to someone every morning of your life, seeing that same person over and over starts to become a normal thing and you’ll forget about their physical attraction towards each other, almost like it has vanished somewhere along the way. It’s still there; they just have grown numb to it in time. Being three-fourth to the way of L-O-V-E really comes down to is if you want to take the gross parts of that person to the next level, otherwise you’re wasting your time and you need to move on. People throw the L word around so much they really don’t know what it means and how powerful it truly is. It’s more than just a four-letter word. It’s God. And most people abuse it.

And finally: E=Equal (no bun intended) you’re almost in love if these symptoms occur. One more part the most important part is this; being equal to that person meaning, understanding that person to the point where there is nothing you don’t know. For instance, have you ever bought a gift for someone and they got disappointed that you got them something they didn’t like? Well, it’s not about what you got them, its about that you should have known better then to get them that gift, because you should know that they wouldn’t like it to begin with. It has nothing to do with the gift; it has to do with the person giving the gift and how the person receiving the gift feels about it. Almost a slap in the face because that person receiving the gift feels like you don’t know them at all. That is where EQUAL comes in, you have to know that person more than anyone. It is your best friend, your right hand, your better half, and your confidant.

Well there you have it. And I’m not saying this is what you have to go by to know you’re in love. This is just my little theory on what comes into falling in love, even though I’ve only been in love once. This is just more of an eye opener when it comes to relationships.  But I do hope you do take the L word seriously and make sure you are in it for sure before you go throwing it around like a basketball.

Until next time



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We Sing

We Laugh

We Dance

We Touch

We Speak

We Fight

We Cry

We Pray

We Stumble

We Fall

We Hurt

We Feel

We Stand

We Wait

We Cherish

We Dream

We Believe

We Live

We Die

We Love

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Success? What is it?

What is success? Is it becoming rich? Having a fancy car or house? I think a lot of people in this world believe that money buys happiness. I absolutely disagree. Money has a lot of means, the bible says, it’s the root of all evil and I believe that. Money is an addiction to some, a curse to others, a blessing to a lot of people. I wrote a song about this, one of the lines in the song says, “Money, fame and luxury is the devils favorite cup of tea, and no one has passed the test with flying colors.” Meaning that, no one has ever figured it out perfectly nor done the right things with it at some point. Everyone has faults, nobody’s perfect. I can’t tell you how many times in school a kid would spend money his mom or dad gave them on other stuff when it was supposed to be their lunch money. But they didn’t care. I grew up with nothing, so being able to have money in my pocket is a blessing. To be in the line of work I’m in and to have the other job that fell into my lap, it’s a blessing to make the money I make. I do not take it for granite.

I think success is when you’re happy with yourself. When you can lay down at night feeling great about the things you have accomplished.

What is success to you? Think about it.

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Things Happen for a Reason

We don’t know the reasons why things turn out the way they do. But what we do know (or you should know) is that God sets up those reasons. Sometimes we question those reasons and we may not like the way it is, but if you hang on and go with God’s plan it will be worth it. Because God can see where you’re going in this world. He has a plan for everyone and the reason why things don’t go the way you plan is (in my words) its because you are going down a path God doesn’t want you to go on or he has something better in store for you.

The thing a lot of people miss is that God loves you and wants you to have all your heart’s desires. I question things and wonder why He is taking me down this road, at this moment in my life and then after a few years later I realized, if I hadn’t gone down that road, at the moment in my life, I wouldn’t have understood what he was trying to teach me in the first place. Sometimes God will bring the best things in life to you just to see how you handle it.

For instances, when I was 17 years old I got a record deal with my band. We went into studio in the winter and finished late spring. We were the next big thing to go out to promote a radio single, but the label promotion guys kept holding the trip back. We were supposed to go out in June, then July, then they said August, finally they said, “Something is going on with the label, we need you guys to lay low for a while” little did we know the two Presidents of the label were trying to buy out the label because there contracts were up. But it didn’t work and they left the end of that year.

While all this is going down, one of the band members was going through a divorce. He was fighting for custody for his son and there was just a lot of things going on in our personal lives. But we were always ready to do whatever the label wanted us to do, but at this point we had no idea what was going to happen. The beginning of the next year a new label president came in the picture. We were so excited everything was going to work, we just knew it, our producer knows the new guy, everyone has said good things, I mean we were golden…Or so we thought.

The new guy wanted us to perform a showcase downtown Nashville. We invited everyone we knew, everyone sent emails after emails after emails getting the word out. We needed this show to be a great turn out and it was. The place was packed, we saw people we’ve worked with from years pass. After we got done kissin babies we went on stage and played, we rocked the house, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever played. Everything about it felt great….But.

The next day we got a phone call from our manager saying that, “The new guy has made a decision and he has decided to let us go from the label”. Now you talk about a kick in the face, that was a feeling that made you want to throw up, cry, scream, something. Because you have spent time and money on recording a record everyone believes in and just like that it’s taken away from you. By someone that didn’t have anything to do with it in the first place. It makes you think why, why did we even go through all this and then have it get taken away?

God knew. It wasn’t about anything but our personal lives. If we would have gone to radio tour then (the band member going through the divorce) soon to be ex-wife would have been tide up in all the financial battle and things would have gotten crazy and it just would have held us back physically and emotionally. So God knew. He knew that all along we just couldn’t see it, but he could. And now years have passed and you understand. We know more about recording a major record, we know more about the music business, we know if we are getting screwed through business. We have matured for the better.
The only sad thing about it all is that we have a major record on the shelves, at a major record label, collecting dust.
But God has something way better in store, just got to follow Him.

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