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Best Food Ever!

One of the things I miss the most about Texas is the food, from Tex-Mex, to their bread. It’s the only place to get real BBQ. And they have the best food place in the world, Whataburger. The number with cheese, no tomatoes or onions with ketchup and mayo equals…Delicious. Their breakfast is so good as well; eating taqitoes at two in the morning is the best. I recently seen a commercial about Whataburger, which I thought, was cool because their getting credit where credit is do. And what’s really good to wash it down with even though they don’t have it in the fountain is Big Red. I know they have it every where, but for some reason it taste better in Texas, I don’t know it’s probably just in my head.

Lesson here is: You want great food, go to Texas.

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