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Hotel Yellow Rooms

I wake up.
Throw a vinyl on the record player. (preferably Ray LaMontagne)
Take a shower.
Brush my teeth.
Get dressed for work.
Put a pot of coffee on.
Turn on the news.
Check and answer emails.
Turn off the TV.
Take out the trash.
Shut the door of the hotel I live at.
Get in my car.
Turn it on.
Drive to the closest Starbucks.
Get out.
Order five cups of caffeinated coffee.
Get back in my car.
Turn it on.
Pull up to the office.
Pass out the coffee to the co-workers.
Try to speak to Clare. (the prettiest girl….period)
Sit down at my desk.
And begin my work.

I’ve done this routine for the past three years…Why?….Hell if I know.

Something’s got to change.


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Never Felt A Love Like This

Walkin along in the fields
Where the leaves are gold and brown
A young girl sits on the hills
In a little knighting gown
Pickin all the flowers
Puttin them in her hair
Her blues eyes looked up at me
But my heart just couldn’t bare

She takes me in
Like no one can
Holds me there
Makes me understand

Oh I never felt a love like this
No I never felt a love like this

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Streets of Broken Hearted

You thought you had a good thing going
Living like a man could only dream of
But money, fame and luxury was the devils favorite cup of tea
And no one has passed the test with flying colors
You lost your chance to ever love again
Laid down your cards ended up with a losing hand
The life of rich and famous has bought you pain and loneliness
And there’s so much that you don’t understand

Hold you down, face the truth
It’s a cryin shame that some hearts get discouraged
Then risk it all in vain
Catch your breath, take a seat
I’ll see you on the corner of the
Streets of Broken Hearted

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Love Poem

Love has no Boundaries

Love has no Fear

Love comes Patiently

Love stays for Years

Love moves in the Wind

Love finds a Way

Love makes Sacrifices

Love knows the words to Say

Love takes you Places

Love makes Sense

Love is Truth

Love is always Missed

Love is Scared

Love won’t Fade

Love is in Control

Love won’t ever Stray

Love is Pure

Love is Blind

Love is a Promise

Love will catch you by Surprise

Love is God

Love is True

Love is Beautiful

Love is You



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